Save And Organise All Your Family Photos

Most of us suffer from Digital Overload. With the latest figures suggesting that a whopping 1.8 billion photographs are uploaded through social media networks every day, it’s no surprise that trying to manage, organise and archive that sheer amount of visual content is at best, overwhelming.

Ask yourself: where are those photos you took on your baby’s first birthday? Are they in the same folder as your niece’s christening, the office Christmas party, the latest bath time or even your last holiday? As as the ability to snap and share all of the special moments in our lives becomes easier, we’ve all contracted some form of Digital Disorder, which threatens the well-being of our well-preserved, HD captured photo memories. But fear not, after examining all the best options to remedy the situation, here are five of the best ways to save and organise all your family photos.

1. Lifecake App

Once upon a time, parents archived their tiny tot’s first smile, wave, crawl and walk in baby books or homemade scrapbooks. Each time a new milestone was achieved, that book got thicker and thicker but with the advancement of technology, and growth of trigger-happy mums and dads, time to manage such a project becomes scarcer and the task unmanageable.

Enter the digital photo book app: Lifecake. Built specifically for parents, close family members who want to be kept in the loop and the granny and grandad who want to grandparent from a distance, Lifecake’s beautiful timeline is built around your baby’s birthday to allow you to keep a running tab on your child’s growth.

Free for Android and iOS devices, Lifecake allows its users to zoom onto any specific age in a matter of seconds, and compare the stages of your precious person’s upbringing. As all loved ones are automatically notified of new pictures and videos, no-one ever has to miss another special moment again.

In addition, the app also lets users create stunning HD photo books from the website and order photo packs, phone cases, posters, fridge magnets, and straight from the app.

2. Pinterest

The hugely popular archiving social network is widely used for a range of purposes, and saving your family photos is just one of them.

Using the upload feature, users can create pinboards for specific occasions or for certain family members, as well as control whether it will be viewed by all members of the public, or just privately amongst those who have access to a special link.

By adding tags to each pin, users can quickly search for any photo they’ve uploaded and organise every photo according to any topic or category of their choosing.

3. Google Photos

Offering unlimited free storage to all users with a Gmail account, Google Photos is a cloud-based programme that backs-up all your photos.

In addition to saving and organising all photos, through the system users can choose to combine image and video files to create home movies, or use a burst of similar photos to create quirky GIFs.

The best feature, however, is it’s facial recognition facility which allows users to search for all images of a particular person by clicking on their face in the search field.

So, if you want to share all the pictures of your little one being held by their auntie, just search for either one and create a dedicated album within seconds. What’s more, you can share the album with anyone by sending it to their email address.

4. Dropbox

The well-established cloud storage system has a huge fanbase thanks to it’s multi-purpose and cross platform solution. The one thing that Dropbox excels at is storage. Users can quickly back up and access all of their saved content from The Cloud.

After acquiring the web photo-service Snapjoy and the photo app Loom, Dropbox now offers users a photo specific tab, which charts every photo that’s been uploaded onto a time line. Users can use this to create albums and share them with friends and family via a web link.

The biggest drawback of the app, however, is that because it loads all images in full resolution, it can take a little while to open the file and display the photo.

 5. The Memory App

 Free to use for a multitude of different options, The Memory App is the ultimate digital photo album solution at your disposal. Safely and securely safeguard all your images so that you never have to lose another memory again.

Excelling as a personal organiser, users can automatically catalogue all images of their young child using personalised tags and chart the growth of their baby, and by creating unique labels from natural language, all content is categorised and organised automatically so that it is relatable for them specifically.

What’s more, pair the image storage feature with the note taking option so that in addition to leaving comments under each image, users can relive their special moments with voice notes recorded by themselves and their new baby. Thanks to it’s sophisticated search system, users never have to lose time frivolously searching for hours on end for specific photos or notes.

Choose to tag your photos as “baby Amy and her auntie”; “Amy’s first words” or even tantrum time” and look through all of the related images in chronological order. Download The Memory App today and start to save and organise your family photos!

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