Save Your Favourite Recipes

Whether you love to cook or you just love to eat, the chances are that like most of us, you’ve hoarded heaps of recipes for delicious dishes over the years. Maybe it’s a cherished childhood cookbook, a favourite family secret, or one of the thousands of mouth-watering teasers plastered through your Facebook feed, we’ve all got our go-to gourmet grub that we want to keep hold of, but trying to save your favourite recipes can be a little tricky especially when they’re splattered across different sources.

Scribbling them down on various notes of papers and shoving them into the kitchen drawer just isn’t cutting it anymore, so you need to find a better method of organising your favourite recipes so that when it comes to cooking that winner chicken dinner, you can quickly pull up your guide and get cooking. After all, have you ever wanted to dive into a new dish that you know you saved the recipe for but couldn’t remember where you saved it? Was it in that magazine you bought a month ago, or maybe it was in Gran’s cookbook?

Maybe you pinned it to a Pinterest board?

To help you get started, here are six easy ways you can save your favourite recipes.

1. Paprika App

Available on a plethora of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and even Kindle Fire, with Paprika users can clip favourite recipes from the web and save them into different folders or notebooks through an easy-to- use a drag-and- drop system.

What’s more, the clever food app even has a grocery list feature that will generate a shopping list for you and allow you to swipe away all the items you have so that you can keep track of all the ingredients that you still need to buy.

The only downside to Paprika is that it’s not a universal app, meaning that currently in order to use it across different platforms, you’ll need to purchase it for each device you want to use.

2. BigOven

Boasting a recipe library with over 250,000 global dishes, BigOven is a free-to- join app available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

To get the best use out of its features, BigOven offers a Pro membership scheme for its users which allows access to the recipe scanner: a digital device that captures photos of cookbooks, handwritten note cards, and printed-out recipes in order to add them to your personal collection. However, Pro only allows for 25 free scans, after which additional scans are charged per item so if you’re looking to scan a lot of items, it may be better to use the manual entry item facility instead.

3. ChefTap

Another free-to- use app created specifically for foodies, ChefTap allows users to clip recipes from around the web and edit them for your own taste. From blog posts to Pinterest boards, users can clip, categorise and catalogue any recipes they come across and save them for use later.

The best feature, however, is the application’s “kitchen view” option that automatically enlarges all instructions so that if you want to take your device into the kitchen with you, you can easily follow the cooking method step-by- step without having to squint. Leave that down to the onions.

4. Google Drive

Time to move on from cooking specific apps and look at what other solutions exist. Google Drive is one of these.

Essentially a free cloud-based storage system and office programme suite available to anyone with a Gmail account, through your Google Drive, users can copy and paste recipes from various sites into a Document and add their own notes and reference points.

What’s more, all documents can be instantly shared with anyone provided you have their email address so you’re not just limited to the resources at your disposal, ask your friends and family for the recipes for their signature meals and recreate them in your own kitchen.

And for the icing on the cake? Every recipe is searchable by either name or even ingredient!

5. Pinterest

What do most people do before they tuck into their meal? Why, take a felfie – that’s food selfie for anyone not in the know – of course! As human beings, we’re very visual creatures and playing into this is the hugely popular digital pin board application: Pinterest.

Catering for both seasoned and unprepared chefs, Pinterest allows users to archive all images from anywhere on the internet, and save the visual link onto your own personalised Pinboard, so anytime you come across an appetising item, pin the image and it will create a link back to the original article.

Add tags to each of your pinned items to make it easier to search for saved items, or create different Pinboards for each of your family members or meals of the day!

6. Save Your Favourite Recipes With The Memory App

The Memory App excels at two things: storage and search. Scan a recipe, add the appropriate tags, and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself an excellent digital recipe book.

The free and multi-use platform not only lets users scan, store and save their recipes, but as a note-taking app and personal organiser, users can catalogue text and images from anywhere on the web affording users the flexibility to type up or simply copy and paste their favourite online recipes.

What’s more, it’s innovative and intuitive search system automatically creates unique and personalised tags using natural speech and linguistic patterns to categorise, organise and catalogue items, so you can easily find your saved recipes within seconds.

Choose to tag your recipes as “cookbook”; “recipes I want to try”;”recipes I love”; “appetiser”; “lunch”; “dinner”, with the ingredients or even with the calorie count so that you’ve always got your cooking inspiration at your fingertips. Additionally, it means that next time you’re at the supermarket and see that salmon is on sale, you can quickly looking up salmon on my phone with “under 500 calories” and arm yourself with everything you need for a guilt free, gluttonous meal.

Download The Memory App today and start to save your favourite recipes!

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