best project management apps

Effective project management is the cornerstone of all successful business operations. Whilst tasks and objectives vary across different industries, knowing how to manage and coordinate the planning, budgeting, execution and evaluation of each assignment is a vital skill that is essential to every profession.

 To make the mammoth exercise more manageable, there are now heaps of helpful applications available that are geared towards providing a user-friendly solution to empower managers, allowing for the efficient delivery of projects on time, promote wastage reduction and streamlining of processes.

 Of all the tools available, here are five of the best project management sidekicks that will enhance tasks management.

1. Slack for Communication

Essentially a collaborative instant messaging tool, Slack is a freemium service used by teams in workplaces that allows for one-on-one chats between associates, as well groups across various departments. It’s best used a platform through which to exchange quick messages about specific areas of a project’s development, eliminating the time wasted waiting for email responses and streamlining the entire workflow in the process.

Being a fully functional cloud-based service, it allows for collaboration across multiple devices and platforms, enabling users to upload, share and search all content including all image; PDF; document and spreadsheet files, as well as conversations from anywhere in the world.

It also integrates with a large number of third-party services including other software and project management programmes such as Asana, Skype and Trello, to heighten over organisational communication.

2. Asana for Task Management

Allowing users to visualise goals, track their time, assign priority and urgency to tasks, and get immediate updates, Asana is an intuitive task management system that was created specifically for teams looking to improve their collaboration processes and track their work.

Individual project goals and milestones can be input as a simple checklist, ordered by date or deadline, but most importantly, can be structured as dependencies so that one item can’t be completed until the dependent sub-tasks are finished.

The programme also has a calendar function which graphs the team’s tasks right onto a dashboard to allow for reporting.

3. Aha! for Gantt Chart Capability

Another cloud-based programme to enhance collaboration, Aha! allows users to set their vision based on market and customer insights and links key strategic goals to the system’s features so that business objectives can be tracked through the project’s development.

One of it’s most sophisticated features is it’s Gantt Chart capability, which charts a visual representation of all projects tasks scheduled over a specified length of time. This enhances project planning and drives strategy by illustrating a production roadmap to share with coworkers and clients.

While there are several contenders for the Gantt chart crown, Aha! is one of the most innovative solutions that balances advanced project management features with a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, and also includes the ability to capture ideas submitted by customers and employees in order to aggregate suggestions for features to be added to the product in future iterations. These can then be mapped into the production line.

4. Trello for Kanban Management

A hybrid of a project and task management system, Trello is a comprehensive Kanban-style programme that allows users to organise all of the components for a project in minutes.

Fast, flexible and best of all, free to use, through the workflow users can create boards to visually lay out all to-do tasks horizontally into columns arranged in progressive development stages.

This gives users a bird’s eye view of the scope of development and progress can be tracked from start to finish easily. Items within each column or “list”, can be dragged and dropped onto other lists and reordered to prioritise tasks and set the pace of development.

Colour coded, digital sticky notes that are searchable and shareable, are arranged in this manner, with reminders set to ensure that the tasks are delivered on time. In addition, users can also add supporting details to these notes, comment and invite comments for each task, and assign responsibilities to collaborators.

5. The Memory App for Organisation

A powerful organisational tool that digitises notes, documents and multimedia files, The Memory App is an innovative personal and professional organiser meets one-stop project -cum-life management shop that enables users to save and categorise all notes using their own unique memory tags.

Allowing for the instant recall of a specific photo, document or video files, The Memory App uses an innovative and sophisticated search system devised through neuroscience and linguistic intelligence to automatically create personalised labels in natural language that makes sense and is personally relevant to the user. As a result, all of the information that you will ever need is readily available at your fingertips at all times.

 Available and operational in all major languages, The Memory App is a safe and secure solution that cuts time and cost wastage from organisational inefficiency, in order to streamline management and achieve objectives and goals much faster. Try The Memory App now for free.

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